Morning by Janine Hart

He groaned softly, waking to lips around his morning wood. “Damn.” he whispered. His love looked up and smiled with her eyes. She sucked harder and took him in deeper. “Well good morning.” He whispered softly as he brushed her long curls back. He was happy that he’d found his freak but she was pushing towards draining him. Every morning, evening, and night she was ready for him. Women usually couldn’t keep up, let alone surpass.

She slowly rolled her tongue around the thick smooth head of his dick. “Fuck.” He groaned and grabbed a handful of her hair. She slid him back into her wet warm mouth and softly caressed his balls. She continued to suck and tease him sending chills throughout his tired body. This had become his favorite time of day since she’d moved in with him.

He tried to focus as her expert tongue and mouth continued to bring him to the brink and violently pull him back. She hummed lightly as she took all of him in, the vibrations creating a new sensation he wasn’t ready for. “Fuck Fuck Fuck.” He whispered letting his head lay back on the silk pillows she’d forced him to buy. She kept humming, his receptiveness awakening her own arousal. She moved up and down as her soft hands rubbed his hard chest. He breathed in sharply as he met the back and middle of her throat. ‘God what is this?’ He thought trying to maintain his building ecstasy.

He pushed his hips forward, gripping her hair tighter as her sensual rhythm sped up. She moaned and groaned on his dick as she found her own wetness and began to explore. Together they created a heat that made the winter morning feel like summer. Her small fingers teased and touched her own want sending waves of pleasure through her making her shiver. Her moans sent intense vibrations through him bringing him closer to his own release. She sped up both of their ecstasy building to a much wanted climax. She moaned harder and moved her fingers faster and his need deeper into her throat. His back arched as his pleasure peeked. She reciprocated by inhaling him. He released deep into her tight throat as she swallowed and moaned, her own climax rushing over her.

She sat up and smiled at him, spent and glowing. “Great morning.” She said softly.


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