Pleasure by: Janine Hart

I came to the door, not knowing what to expect. The note said knock. So I did. With an arrangement wedding getting to know your husband ahead of time was odd. The union was made in the hopes of strengthening both families. But he had called for me. He knew how these things were supposed to run, but yet he called for me.
He called with nothing but a note and a single rose. “A rose is strong and unyielding. Its roots hard to find and almost impossible to destroy. But, like everything else, the unyielding can be broken.” I’d scoffed when I first read it. ‘Sure’ I’d thought to myself. My curiosity taking over the feeling of him being arrogant. We’d met, of course, as children, then again as students, and now, quickly, as husband and wife. Again, this, was unwarranted. Unknown.
How he wanted to break me raced across my mind. He was always dark, mysterious,… and appealing. His strong chiseled features, his graceful smile, his carved oak body. I had to admit I wanted him. But his personality left much to want. Quiet, serious, overly organized, and boring. He was so scheduled he wasn’t human anymore. God, to spend a lifetime with him. “Patience leads to love.” My mother’s voice raises in my head.
My impatience grows. I knock again. ‘Why would you invite me to make me wait?’ I think to myself as I stand there in the outfit he requested, at the time he requested, in the mood he asked me not to be in. I started to leave, hoping my driver hadn’t, as I heard footsteps near the door.
“Yes Ayana? I’m sorry I didn’t move at the speed you needed.” Dea-mon answered the door curtly. “Come in.” he closed the door behind me as I ascended into the elaborate penthouse suite. “Allow me the pleasure.” He whispered to me as he softly pulled me from my coat. He hung it in a closet with precise care and turned back to me. He slipped his hand under my scarf and unwound it from my neck, breath catching with his ease and grace, as I became less and less covered. “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my existence.” He paused and looked me over. I felt the need to present myself. I stood straighter as he moved closer and his breath lingered on my skin. I counseled my conscience, harboring my erratic breathing. I was a business woman, who was still in an arranged marriage, but none-the-less, a creature of my own control. This man shouldn’t move me this way. He moved away from me quickly walking towards his living room. “Come.” I move obediently, taking a seat at his vast table set for two.
“Why did you ask me to come here?” I ask taking a sip of the handmade Shiraz, the dry flavor washing over my tongue. I set my glass down making eye contact.
“I invited you as a means to give you a preview of what I want.” His face tight and strong.
“You mean for our marriage? I want a real conversation not mere unemotional nods. Is that going to be a maybe?” I ask hearing my mother again, “Never challenge your bull, always make him feel as a king.” He stared at me with a grave expression.
“Well, what I want from my life long sexual partner.” He moves towards me, his aura making it to me first. “There is mutual ownership here. You are not only my property but I yours. And I, require more than your videos can suggest.” I flushed a virgin blush as he spoke.
“I am to please my husband, so…”
He interrupted me, “No. We are to please each other.” He stepped closer his scent invading my nostrils again. Grasping me. “Stand.” Another command, that I obeyed either way. He moved around me and smelled my hair, fresh washed in lavender and honey as he asked. He exhaled with withdrawn desire. I felt myself tighten. My own desire awakened and overwhelming. He kissed me softly on my neck, beneath my ear, surprising me and heightening my arousal. “You smell unearthly.” He inhaled deeply again. I exhale sharply.
“Thank you.” I managed to sputter out. My dress seemed too tight all of a sudden. The soft silk hugged me as his hands slid down my hips and up my stomach. “This is bad.” I whispered between soft exasperated breaths.
“I know.” He whispered back. “But you’re already mine.”
“So, I can do with you what I please.” He softly growled into my ear as he ripped the silk open.
I inhaled sharply as my dress fell, dishonored at my feet. He seemed to take small pleasure in my labored breathing and unease. “Please.”
“Sir.” He responded strongly. “I will be sir. In casual setting I will be what you please.” I felt my necklace unclasp and heard it clatter on the hardwood floors of the empty suite.
I shivered in my newly found bareness and responded, “Yes sir.”
“I thought you would relinquish from me.”
“I thought I would too.” Confused as to why I was standing here vulnerable in front of this man I thought I detested.
“Good.” His soft lips caressed my skin as he lifted me in his strong arms. His heart beat against my shoulder felt exhilarating and new. His warm skin, welcoming, his hot breath wanted, his scent… needed.
His bedroom was lavish with a chandelier and woven silk golden canopies around his bed. He laid me down and quickly pulled away to turn down the lights. “I am a hard lover. Sometimes nothing more. But for you, I feel something deeper.” He slowly removes my stockings and garters. Moves up to my bra and then back to my panties. I relinquish power, for the first time in my life, to a man I will spend the rest of my life with. And in my fear I feel, peace. For once someone else will call the shots, someone else will carry the burden, someone else will be the dominant. I inhaled deeply, his now familiar scent catching my nose again, as I feel the satin sheets brush against my now bare skin.
“Will you love me?” he whispered, his hand trailing down my stomach to a spot nothing except cotton had touched.
I gasp as he touches me, “Yes,” my breath catching in my chest, “Yes.”
I can hear the smile in his voice as he continues. “I will love you until you beg for mercy.” I feel penetration. “And then I will continue no matter how much you plead.”
I moan as the first wave of ecstasy I’ve ever felt washes over me. “Allah.” I whisper, praying to myself that my head will stop spinning. The room slows.
“And you will say, ‘yes sir.’” He pushes again.
I arch, “Yes sir.” Sweat accumulating on my brow and my stomach tight.
“I will say, ‘whatever pleases you.’” He pushes deeper and I whine. A new pinch of pain mixing with my pleasure. He withdrew, shocking me and throwing me into desperation. I sat up, hair matted and a shine with perspiration.
“Can I have you?” he brushes his lips against mine and my eyelids.
“But it’s wrong?” he kisses my cheek, “But it’s too early?” he kisses my eyelids, “But it’s not you?” he brushes against my neck, “But you want it.” Our eyes meet as he brushes my now curling hair behind my ear.
“Yes.” I responded, “Yes sir.” I pled.
He pushes me down and slides a box from underneath a nightstand near us. The box was about 15in by 10in and deep. “Please don’t be scared. Trust me. Even the pain will be pleasurable.”
New sweat presses my skin. “Yes sir.” That feels nice coming from my lips. ‘Yes sir’ I thought to myself musing at his perversion.
“My God I love those words.” He glared at me sensually and opened the box.
First he pulled a long taut leather whip from the package. I shifted a little against his hand and his sheets. He grabbed my throat, however intimidating, softly in a show of dominance and held me to the bed. Second he pulled a vibrator. He smiled as my curiosity peeked and my eyes lit with excitement. Third, a pair of matching silk scarves. He pulls them out slowly and ties my wrists to the bedpost, taking care with each knot. The silk feels foreign and nice against my skin. Fourth he pulled a blindfold and condoms. “I would gag you, but the screams of a woman are intoxicating. And luckily we are alone.” Panic mixed with sheer enjoyment washed over my senses. “Trust me?” he asks again as he softly ties the blindfold around my head.
“Yes sir.”
I feel his weight shift and I lean in anticipation but receive surprise as the whip slaps against my thighs. “Fuck.” I whisper as I contain the sharp pain.
“You don’t have to be strong here.” He hits me again, I groan, “You can let go. No one will judge you.” He hit me harder this time I let out a shriek. He inhaled sharply, a sign of his appreciation to my receptiveness.
I’d never heard my moan or scream before and I tried to stifle the mixed flushes of pleasure and pain to no avail as I listened to my own voice fill the penthouse. He grows impatient and growls low as he puts the whip down.
“So wet for me. So willing.” He mused as he slid his fingers between my legs again. I whimper and he withdraws. I fill his breath close to my lips, his musky smell mixing well with the scents filling the ample room. “Have you ever come before?”
“No sir.” I respond embarrassed by my naivety to all things sensual.
“Good.” He lowered the humming vibrator to my want. I seized as the new pleasure caught me by surprise and lulled me closer and closer to uncontrollability.
“I want to see you.” He moved faster as I moaned and begged for release. He groaned again watching my climax grow inside me.
“Yes sir.” I sputter through broken erratic breaths. I feel something moving though me. A new wash of pleasure. As the intensity grows, my body tightens and my hips rise.
“More?” he asks moving faster and yet softly against my clit.
“Yes sir.” I beg loudly. “Yes. Yes. Yes sir.” I scream as my own orgasm shocks me and moves me past want to need. I hear foil rip and open. An empty package hits his soft carpet.
“Can I have you?” he pauses, “MY love?” His emphasis on ownership makes me blush.
“Yes, sir.” I inhale as I catch my breath and settle myself. He smiles and moves on top of me, spreading my legs and pulling me to him. “Wait.” I hesitate.
“Trust me?” he asks pausing, his thickness close to my want.
“Yes. Yes sir.” I respond, comforted by his deep kiss.
He plunges deep into me, a scream released from a depth inside me unknown. The pain rocks through me, crushes me, holds me and slowly turns to pleasure. I moan loudly. “Heaven.” He whispers.
He holds and moves my body in ways water couldn’t imitate. I give in completely and let him take me though pain, ecstasy, and feelings I don’t understand but would never turn away and when he finishes I am spent. His love was not gentle at all but it didn’t make me feel broken. I had never felt anything like this. Nothing had ever pulled me to the depths he had. Whips and bondage. My God what have I agreed to? But my GOD, what have I agreed to? I blush harder as my skin tingles. He lifts me quickly, the blindfold my only covering. I start to speak and his fingers slide against my lips.
“Not yet.” He slips my body into warm water and I relax into the folds of heavenly scents and silk water. “I will love you until you beg me for mercy.” He washed me slowly, I could feel my muscles relax as his hands moved over my now tender skin. “Can I have you?” he whispered as he looked deeply into my soul.
“Yes sir. Always.”


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