Road Head :Janine Hart 

He sat next to her his tank top clinging to his moist skin, as he stroked his long thick dick. She tried desperately to keep her eyes on the road as he stared her with lust in his eyes. He knew what he was doing. He had been begging her to pull over for the last couple of miles.
“Stop it. I can’t focus.”
“Come on baby. I told you I was hot.” He moaned lightly squeezing his hard dick letting precum side down the thick head.
She inhaled sharply and imagined her lips wrapped around it sucking it hard and deep while his fingers stroked her hair.
“Jesus. You’re pure evil.”
“You know you want a taste.” He stroked it slow and long. “It’s hard and waiting for you. You’re gonna miss out.” Her breathing quickened as her panties soaked through to her jeans. “This isn’t fair. We’re going to be late already.” She tried to regain focus as she increased her speed.
“Maybe if you ask nicely baby girl.”
Her clit quivered and her cheeks blushed. “Please sir. ” She replied softly. She didn’t know why he had this hold on her. They were partners on deliveries, nothing more but with that perfect dick she would damn near call him anything.
“Pull over and play with me. It’s dark. We can say the road was slick.” He licked his full lips. He looked at her longingly again.
‘Fuck’ she thought.
“After all I am a manager. Don’t want to be unsatisfactory.”
She blushed again. “Yes sir.” She whispered as she pulled off into a truck stop. She slowly parked and turned the truck off.
He looked around briefly and pulled her head towards his “Good girl.” he whispered before kissing her softly. He pushed her head slightly down and she eagerly obliged. She turned so she could be face down and wrapped one hand around his balls. She softly rubbed them in her as she took him all the way into her throat. “Oh fuck.” He moaned and growled deeply.
He moved his hand down the back of her pants and smiled when he found her dripping. He slid first one then two fingers deep inside her. She moaned deeply as he pushed her head down harder. Her breathing sped up along with the intensity of her greedy sucking. “That’s it baby girl. Come all over me. You’re gonna swallow for big daddy right?” She moaned and whimpered as he pounded in and out of her. He moaned and pushed in and out of her deeper feeling her tighten around his fingers.
Their orgasm built and released together as wave after wave of ecstacy washed over them. He bucked and came deep in her throat as he pumped his fingers against her g spot making her body shake. He slid his hand free and licked his fingers. She stared at him still in awe at what he brought out of her. “Sweet as honey. Good girl.”

RPG Janine Hart

Day after day she watched him. She wanted him bad but he was just so shy. She wanted to break him. Feel him. Know him. She wasn’t the obsessive type. Her friends would call her determined. But she always got what she wanted, she absolutely wanted him. Her name slipping between his beautiful lips would make her year.
She always came at the end of his shift. He made the perfect macchiato with a heart of foam and all. His glasses slid down his nose, the steam from the machines making him sweat. After he changed she followed him to the local trade shop where his passion was resale vintage games and signed joysticks. He loved his life and she wanted to upset it for at least a few hours. Her passion for him sprung a year ago. She was having a bad day and he made an Astro Boy joke that made her day and from then on she was hooked. His loose fitting tees that showed his perfect stomach, his happy line perfectly trimmed. His smile showed the pride of a braces wearer and the joy of being free. He was her perfect prey.
She followed him this night to a secluded venue. Some underground alternative concert no doubt. She’d done her homework. Learned his name from his work badge. Bought games she would never play. But he would be hers. She found him behind the stage. His back to her, his attention on the band. He must know them.
She inched closer reaching his collar and taking in his scent. “Hi.” She managed to sputter out. “We have exclusives for VIP guest that you may want.’ She blushed knowing her lie was horrible, but yet he followed. Her glow sticks and dropped pixie dust shined in front of him and led him down the dark path of obsession.
She pointed at the empty changing room. “Go ahead. I’ll tell you what to do.” He looked back in wonderment before entering the room and removing hi coat and sitting on the velvet couch before him.
“So what are these exclusives?” He asked with air quotes.
“Well. It’s me.” She’d never been this shy before.
He stood quickly taking in her beauty as she slowly let the dress she was wearing fall to the ground. She moved closer. “I want you.” She smiled, now completely bare before him, and moved closer still. “Don’t you want me?” She cooed as she touched his face.
A new layer of sweat broke free from his skin. “Of course.”
“I watch you every time I come into the coffee shop.” She mounted him. His hands felt warm and nervous on her body. She leaned forward and took his glasses. She put them on and let them slip down her face. He exhaled hard. “Is this a joke?”
She moved in close, condensation fogging he lens, “No. Now give me what I want.” She reached her slender hand between his legs and squeezed. “Oh my. You’ll more than do.” She slid down to the floor in front of him and unzipped his khakis. “I think he wants me too.” She whispered as she pulled his erect cock from his pants. “May I?” she asked as if only to please herself as she slid him deep into her waiting mouth.
His head fell back as he felt the tip of his dick reach the back of her throat. “Yes please.” He moaned as she took him as if she was starving.
“Do you like?” she moaned between licks and teases.
“Yes. My god yes.” His breathes were baited and he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer.
Her skilled tongue wrapped around his hard pulsing cock wanting and waiting for him to fill her mouth. She slid him in and out of her hot, wet, slick mouth before teasing his head with kisses and licks. She knew what she was doing and knew she was good at it.
She sucked harder and deeper, the vibrations of every moan deep in her throat bringing him to the brink. “Should I let you go?” She asked, the words almost sounding as if begging.
“Oh god please yes.” He stammered out as his eyes rolled yet again. She took him deep and swirled his penis around her wet soft tongue. “Oh but I don’t want to.” She whispered her breathe hot on his pulsing waiting dick.
“Please. Let me finish.” He begged. The power now hers.
She smiled and stood. “Maybe next time. I just love how you taste.” She kissed him softly before leaving the room.

Tóg mise. (Take me.) “Janine Hart

She woke to his hand already on her body. She could still smell the fresh air flowing through the trees. Scents of coconut and hibiscus floated through the warm air. She knew he was coming to her tent. She’d left the entrance open with purpose. He kissed her stomach softly and moved up towards her breasts. She moaned lightly and touched his head. His long curly hair tangled in her fingers, her pale skin shinning in contrast.

               The moon light made his bronze skin and golden eyes glow making him look like an angel as he stared in her eyes with a passion she’d never known. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this but after her divorce and the depressing singles cruise all she wanted was to be laid. He kissed her skin so hungrily she burned for more. She could already taste his kiss on her lips.

               He stopped at her breasts and traced her nipples slowly with his tongue before taking them in his mouth. He sucked softly at first then with a new found intensity that shocked her. Her back arched as he cupped one breast and suckled the other before switching. He was so calculated in his movements, showing equal attention to both, her arousal almost at a peak. He stopped abruptly, if only to watch her writhe in ecstasy. He smiled down at her watching her reach for him before he leaned in and kissed her deep. Their tongues mingled creating a heat greater than the island.

               He whispered in her ear in a language she couldn’t understand but his hard thick dick against her leg explained. She inhaled sharply hoping she could take his girth and whispered back “Tóg mise.”

               He understood perfectly as he entered her and took her. She tried to scream out as he filled her but his lips were on her mouth again. She moaned into him as he lifted her and pulled her on top of him. Her wrapped his hand in her deep crimson hair and pulled her upright. She bucked as she felt him go deeper. There were no words needed, the primal act explained itself.

               She dug her nails into his chest and he grunted as he flipped her on her back and slammed into her again. She screamed loudly, the beautiful sound echoing throughout the hidden part of the island. He responded with more animistic grunts as he kept the rhythmic pulse between them. He breathed her in deep and pulled away, leaving her wanting and wet.

               He bent down between her legs and cleaned her. He tasted her as if she were a rare dish, making her quiver with every lick. She was shaking by this point and his smile showed he appreciated every moment. He turned her over slowly and moved her hair to the side. He slowly kissed down her neck and back while softly pushing her down on all fours. She didn’t know how much more she could take but she quietly and hungrily obeyed.

               He slid into her slow this time, letting her feel every inch fill her and stretch her. She loved it. These were the things one became addicted to. He slid his hand around her neck and softly pulled her towards him, his tongue exploring her mouth and taking in her taste. He slid in and out of her faster now his passion growing with hers. She was dripping down her legs and he could no longer contain himself. He bucked into her harder and harder with each thrust and she received and bucked back.

               Her orgasms rolled over her in waves as he bore down and went as deep as he could. She didn’t recognize her own voice as she came. He growled deep and held her close as his body jerked with his own release of ecstasy. They both collapsed to the ground the cool breeze flowing in from the water licking at their burning skin. He stroked her face and stood. His naked body gorgeous as his hair flowed in the wind. He smiled a wicked grin before blowing her a kiss and leaving the tent. She breathed in deep and laid back, the feeling of warmth and release washing over her.