Bad Dr. By Janine Hart

​I couldn’t stop my self. My hand wandered beneath my panties before I even knew it. I was already wet. Every time he spoke to me he took my breathe away. My will. Today was no different. He walked past me and lingered. I could smell him. His cologne. His hair. His breath. I wanted, no needed him. I slipped into my office quickly after the meeting. I could feel myself dripping down my leg. I needed a release. I knew it was wrong but it felt too good. I rubbed faster, my back arching against the black leather chair. I dug my nails into the mahogany desk in front of me. I remembered him bending me over the same desk the day it arrived at the office. He stroked my back and squeezed my ass before lifting my skirt and spanking me swiftly before leaving the room. Damn he made me so hot. I couldn’t stop now. I had already locked the door and pulled my panties all the way down. I could hear my pussy it was so wet. I was almost there. I started rubbing my hard nipples, letting small moans escape as I got close to climax. I spread my legs wider and bit my lip. It was so good thinking of what he could give me I was shivering. A sharp noise stopped me right at the brink. “Miss? Your two o’clock is here.” Got damn it. Sex addicts were always on time.