Road Head :Janine Hart 

He sat next to her his tank top clinging to his moist skin, as he stroked his long thick dick. She tried desperately to keep her eyes on the road as he stared her with lust in his eyes. He knew what he was doing. He had been begging her to pull over for the last couple of miles.
“Stop it. I can’t focus.”
“Come on baby. I told you I was hot.” He moaned lightly squeezing his hard dick letting precum side down the thick head.
She inhaled sharply and imagined her lips wrapped around it sucking it hard and deep while his fingers stroked her hair.
“Jesus. You’re pure evil.”
“You know you want a taste.” He stroked it slow and long. “It’s hard and waiting for you. You’re gonna miss out.” Her breathing quickened as her panties soaked through to her jeans. “This isn’t fair. We’re going to be late already.” She tried to regain focus as she increased her speed.
“Maybe if you ask nicely baby girl.”
Her clit quivered and her cheeks blushed. “Please sir. ” She replied softly. She didn’t know why he had this hold on her. They were partners on deliveries, nothing more but with that perfect dick she would damn near call him anything.
“Pull over and play with me. It’s dark. We can say the road was slick.” He licked his full lips. He looked at her longingly again.
‘Fuck’ she thought.
“After all I am a manager. Don’t want to be unsatisfactory.”
She blushed again. “Yes sir.” She whispered as she pulled off into a truck stop. She slowly parked and turned the truck off.
He looked around briefly and pulled her head towards his “Good girl.” he whispered before kissing her softly. He pushed her head slightly down and she eagerly obliged. She turned so she could be face down and wrapped one hand around his balls. She softly rubbed them in her as she took him all the way into her throat. “Oh fuck.” He moaned and growled deeply.
He moved his hand down the back of her pants and smiled when he found her dripping. He slid first one then two fingers deep inside her. She moaned deeply as he pushed her head down harder. Her breathing sped up along with the intensity of her greedy sucking. “That’s it baby girl. Come all over me. You’re gonna swallow for big daddy right?” She moaned and whimpered as he pounded in and out of her. He moaned and pushed in and out of her deeper feeling her tighten around his fingers.
Their orgasm built and released together as wave after wave of ecstacy washed over them. He bucked and came deep in her throat as he pumped his fingers against her g spot making her body shake. He slid his hand free and licked his fingers. She stared at him still in awe at what he brought out of her. “Sweet as honey. Good girl.”